Sole Source Contracting

Now Contracting Officers have the ability to perform Sole Source acquisitions with a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) due to the addition of FAR 19.1506. Under FAR 19.1506, a Contracting Officer generally must consider a WOSB or Economically Disadvantaged WOSB (EDWOSB), Sole Source award before considering small business set-asides. Sole Source authority provides Contracting Officers the ability to produce services in a streamlined and shortened time frame.


The WOSB Sole Source Authority is a great new tool in the Contracting Officer's toolkit to acquire necessary services and solutions in a streamlined fashion.

Streamlined acquisition

Eliminates the time-consuming process of developing a detailed RFP, posting the solicitation, awaiting contractor responses, and evaluating all submissions while mitigating potential protests.

Reduced decision cycle

Time required to award a WOSB sole source contract is usually within days, not months.

Decreased administrative costs

Procurement process and time are reduced to a minimum.

Prices reflecting the best value

Agency negotiates with the firm directly to obtain the best value.

WOSB small business credits

Agency obtains credit for promoting WOSB small business participation.


WOSB Sole Sources are permitted in substantially underrepresented NAICS codes, as defined by SBA. Those typically used for Chevo's services include:
Management, Scientific, And Technical Consulting Services

            • 541611 
            • 541612 
            • 541613 
            • 541614 
            • 541618 
            • 541620
            • 541690

            • 541511
            • 541512
            • 541513
            • 541519          

            • 541511

            • 561990

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